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About The Hot Rod Shop

 The Hot Rod Shop was founded in early 2009 and quickly gained a reputation within the industry for creating stand out vehicles in a wide range of styles, from wild custom, factory correct restoration, modern pro touring to traditionally styled vehicles. Our builds have been praised for the high level of quality and attention to detail that is present throughout. We're  constantly in pursuit of excellence in design. Combine that with our world class automotive refinishing and fabricating techniques and products, it becomes easy to understand why cars built by The Hot Rod Shop have been recognized and awarded all over the United States and even Europe and Australia. We're constantly striving to employ the latest techniques and equipment to ensure the cars that roll out the doors here are at the cutting edge of design and execution. 




Dedicated  to world class fabrication, restoration, paint and bodywork, and  mechanical systems, with an emphasis on American Muscle Cars and  ProTouring styling.

Our  employees are highly skilled in every aspect of vehicle restoration as  well as cutting edge suspension, handling, and other high end finishing.  Please contact us regarding any projects or future work needed on your  vehicles!